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Sabrina. Sixteen. Senior. Sydney born, Brisbane's home.

On September 1, thousands of people will embark on a run of either 10 or 5 kms across Brisbane’s Story Bridge.

This year, I have the honour of being able to participate in this massive run with my fellow leaders of Glenala. Originally, the B2B was a challenge set forth by the said leadership team, but since then has evolved into something so much important to me. 

We will be supporting the organisation Kids Helpline, a free service that help young people like ourselves. After doing a little bit of research for the team, I realised just how much people seek this service. The people at Kids Helpline have answered over 6 million phone calls and on-line contacts since 1991. 

After every single call, a voice is heard and hopefully some help and guidance given. For people who suffer of depression, anxiety or really anything, please know that you’re not alone and even the most simplest of calls may leave you with a bit of hope. 

I’m doing the Bridge to Brisbane so that more voices can be heard, and maybe even so lives can be saved.


Ten kilometres, come at me. 

  George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords (via mediocremediocrity)

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Bridge to Brisbane | Formal / Graduation | Mooloolaba | TBA Adventure.

So much motivation to get fit, and keep at it. The mentality of can’t must be removed completely. 

Happy birthday to Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom.

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Words that I would have never imagine to come out of your mouth, directed to me. Especially over something so simple.  I need to vent,  and I know Facebook is defs not the place to go. For real though, how do you expect me to feel?